Team Building Workshops

Domabotics runs fun and engaging custom team building workshops. These workshops are a fantastic way to build key skills such as Teamwork, Critical Thinking Skills, Problem Solving and expanding Creativity.

What types of activities are available?
We can run a variety of different challenges such as a head to head Robot Sumo Battle, Capture the Flag, Self Driving Cars or Maze Runners. If you have a particular context in mind, we can also adapt our workshops to suit.

But we don't know any programming?
Not a problem at all! Our workshops are designed to teach you enough programming to solve the challenges. The programming language is Graphical based, which means you just need to drag-and-drop the instruction blocks to get your robot up and moving. No experience necessary at all!

Sounds great, what do we need?
We'll bring all the robot equipment and laptops for the workshop. You'll just need to provide a room in which to run the session!

How long are workshops?
Workshops can be tailored to run from 2 to 6 hours long.

How Can I help?

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