In our Incursions, students learn not only how to use technology, but also how to create with it.  All our workshops foster problem solving skills as well as encouraging team work and cooperation. Along with technology skills and concepts our workshops also touch a wide variety of other curriculum topics such as Math, Science, Technologies and Literacy.

Our mobile workshop lab can set up in just about any classroom or teaching space.  We will bring along all equipment (robots, worksheets, laptops, props etc as necessary) so all you need to provide are keen and enthusiastic students!

Robotics in the morning and stopmotion in the afternoon?  Not a problem!  

Full day of robotics with the one class? Easily done!  

We are extremely flexible with all our workshops so please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Workshop Topic Recommended   
Age group
per day
BeeBots Prep - Gr2 15 40min - 60min         5-6
LEGO WeDo Gr3 / Gr4 30 90 mins 3
LittleBits Gr3 - Gr6 15 90 mins 3
LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 (level 1)      Gr4 - Gr12 30 2.5hr 2
LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 (level 2) Gr5 - Gr12 30 2.5hr 2
SCRATCH Programming (games)    Gr6 - Gr12 30 2.5hr 2
SCRATCH Programming (storytelling)      Gr5 - Gr12 30 2.5hr 2
StopMotion Animation Gr5 - Gr12 30 2.5hr 2
Arduino (level 1) Gr8 - Gr12 30 2.5hr 2
Arduino (level 2) Gr8 - Gr12 30 2.5hr 2


Cost for a day long incursion is $750+GST for Brisbane and greater Brisbane area.  Workshops outside this area wil incur a travel cost.  Each day can consist of the same session topic, or can be split across multiple topics if necessary ie. 

  • LEGO Mindstorms + SCRATCH Programming
  • 2 classes of BeeBots + 2 classes of LEGO WeDo
  • Arduino (level 1) + Arduino (level 2)

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Please contact us if you are looking at an incursion of less than a full day of sessions. 

LEGO EV3 Robotics

Robotics workshops are an ideal way to captivate young minds and stimulate critical thinking. Robot building and programming teaches a wide range of skills such as problem solving, as well as encouraging team work and cooperation. Students learn a simple programming language and have a robot up and moving within minutes.

Level 1 - Basic robot movement and path planning
Level 2 - Use of sensors to help the robot interact with its surroundings


The LEGO WeDo workshop introduces students to the concept of 'automation', the idea that things in the real world can be controlled by writing a set of instructions (an algorithm) to control a process. In this workshop students are set a task to design and build a solution to a given problem as well as use their solution as part of a larger story to be told.

Early Years Robotics - BeeBots

BeeBots are an exciting new robot, designed especially for the Early Years. The colourful robot, combined with large easy to use buttons will have students up and going in no time at all.

BeeBot activities are open ended and during the session we will cover topics such as Numbers and Measurement, Words and Alphabet, Directional Language and Problem Solving. If you have a topic in class, let us know and we'll incorporate that into a few of our activities!

SCRATCH Programming

Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music and art. As young people create and share Scratch projects, they learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also learning to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.

SCRATCH is a free programming language, so students can continue their projects in class or at home, long after the workshop has finished.

Arduino Electronics

The Arduino platform is a great way to introduce students to the world of circuits and electronics. These workshops will show students how to hook up simple circuits and write some basic code to interface with sensors and actuators. Using hardware and software prototyping tools, they will learn to flash LED's, operate Buzzers and make servo motors move.


LittleBits are electronic modules that magnetically snap together to create simple circuits. Students learn about inputs, outputs and power supplies and how they can be assembled in different ways to create a variety of different applications, from burglar alarms, to musical instruments, to weird and wacky toys.

Stop Motion Animation

From the cinema classic ‘King Kong’ through to modern day favourites ‘Wallace and Grommit’, Stopmotion animation has been a popular film style. Let your class get creative and have them shoot a short animated clip explaining a science concept, retelling a historical event or making a community announcement. From storyboarding to filming to editing, students will engage in creating their own slice of movie history.

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